It designed and developed to suit your needs

  • Schoovl provides the methods that support the educational process and its transformation from the stage of indoctrination to the stage of creativity, interaction and skill improvement, and it collects all electronic forms of education, using the latest methods in the fields of education and publishing.
  • Now the teacher has to bring out all his creativity to easily reach the best interactive content to reach the student’s mind in a direct way.
  • Linking the parent, student, teacher and school administration in one place and facilitating communication in all operations between the parties.
Elementary Classroom Technology Implementation

User-friendly interface

Special platforms have been created for each of the administration, teachers, students and parents with different permissions so that each user can find what he needs in an easy and simple way.

Integration with school management systems

We designed the Schoovl system, taking into account that it covers all school operations and that it is easy to use and can be modified and developed in the coming years with ease and allows easy integration between both the LMS platform and the SMS platform for easier and more productive management.


Reports and analysis

Schoovl provides flexibility in generating reports on any required data and extracting reports with different extensions with powerful analysis tools to reach the best degree of decision-making support for different departments within the school. Once logged in to the system, everything can be documented.


We are really proud to present Schoovl system, which designed for a successful and flexible school administration and capable of providing a special educational level. Given the tremendous and continuous development in educational technology, Schoovl system strives to keep pace with that development on an ongoing basis and add more tools and characteristics that help in the success of the educational process. We are in the process of adding an application that works entirely through the mobile phone, which would allow a more specialized learning experience with the addition of tools and features that help advance the educational process.