We help you raise the technical performance of the school

Schoovl is an integrated system that manages, organizes school management and works on raise the technical performance of the school. It provides an easy environment for communications between teachers, students, parents and school management via internet anywhere.

Smarter syllabus management

Add syllabus, homework and exams in only one step, and submit to all classes that assigned to the same syllabus.

Achieve the highest return

By using Schoovl (school management system), you can reduce expenses and maximize investment through the technical transformation of the school online.

Parents follow up

Parents can monitor their children’s performance and follow up on notifications from the school administration and teachers.

Question bank

A flexible system for placing questions in line with the new educational system to train students on the new examination system.

Schoovl in breif

Designed to provide easy workflow it from different departments and is designed to fit the presentation of reports flexibly.

The teacher’s dashboard smartly displays academic progress to help stay on track. And the centralized course view makes it easy for teachers to manage content, assignments and quizzes

It operates under a high level of information protection within the network and over the Internet.

Comes with optional features such as Transportation Department, Library, Human Resources and many more to cover the rest of your school's needs to strive for success and growth.

Why schoovl is your best choice?

The latest education methods

Advanced student management system

The best way to register students and enter all their data and add their siblings with ease of movement between classes and follow-up fees status.

Generate students certificates

Generate certificates for each student on any design chosen by the school administration.

Latest reporting system

The system issuing reports results-oriented access to the best degree of decision support for various departments within the school.

Virtual classes

The teacher can create virtual classes to explain the class to the students through a live broadcast and video recording of the class, and the school administration can follow up and guide.


Schoovl designs a website for the school it can be managed through the school management system to display activities and view school contact details.

Store Management

Manage items and suppliers for all school items used, categorize, classify and manage them easily within the system.

Exam management

Administration of exams, exam schedules, record grades and results, and results can be sent to parents.

Financial management

The latest system for linking the collection of school fees and all school revenues and following up on all installments.

Human resources

Managing human resources in terms of registering all school employees, recording attendance and leaving, creating payroll and extracting reports.